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Embrace this...

Let me tell you a quick story about how I triumphed over some hard stuff.

But first, the good stuff. I’ve been fortunate to build a career I’m proud of, surrounded by talented people. I then landed my dream job and my passion, adrenaline and energy burned brightly. I eagerly embraced the faster pace, the larger spotlight and the greater responsibility. Just shy of nine frenzied years later, my blaze burned out of control until my inner fire simply died out.

Burnout looked like this for me: overwhelming workloads, unrealistic expectations, disappointing weight gain, sedentary life-style and concerning health risks. (Sound familiar?)

And then further fallout. My only child entered his high school freshman year, which was harder than I could ever imagine. However, losing my father-in-law just a few months into that same school year made me just stop. Stop and ask some hard, uncomfortable questions about this crazy path I was racing down.

So, I did something rather bold for me: I travelled alone to the mountains of Wyoming to think and to meditate. To reconnect with my dreams and passions. To reconnect with me. This journey helped me realize I had to simplify life and focus on what I love most: creating memories with my family and helping others be better versions of themselves.

Thankfully, I rediscovered my inner strength, courage, and wisdom. I also discovered some foundational aspects to establish my new business idea:

- People seek powerful information from authentic and approachable mentors.

- Information must be delivered in a memorable, inspiring and humorous manner.

- People crave development opportunities that provide intentional and purposeful action.

So now I’m asking you to make discoveries on your own:

- Invest courageously and boldly build a more successful version of you.

- Believe that my experience can engage and empower you.

- Enjoy the road to self-enlightenment and self-fulfillment.

I invite you to take this journey with me.

Embrace this opportunity to grow.

Embrace…this. Embrace…you.

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