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Why Girl Twin Solutions?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

If I run into anyone who knows of my hometown, I refer to myself as the “girl twin,” rather than as Gary's daughter (he had two) or his child (he had three). In a community of less than 300, my twin brother and I were one of few twin sets who lived there our entire childhood.

When it came to naming my business, I considered what is my most unique or memorable feature - my unicorn - and so became the launch of Girl Twin Solutions.

I love being a twin - while we never experienced those "twin moments" some people share, I do remember re-learning to refer to myself in the singular form. Even today, I slip into saying "we" or "us" when referring to my childhood. This experience played a huge role in my development and helped me be more effective when working with others. In other words, I have been learning, experimenting and embracing team dynamics since birth!

The major lesson I have learned is that it all begins with the individual and his or her contributions to the group's overall effectiveness. My passion is to help women and men become better versions of themselves than they were yesterday, so that they can remove the challenges and hurdles keeping them from reaching their goals. The team will perform better once all the individual parts are at their peak.

When a person combines curiosity and commitment to their overall progress, the end result can be profound. Please contact me today to discuss what this process looks like for you or your organization - I would be honored to be part of your success journey!

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