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Generational issues: rinse and repeat

On the radio played Carly Simon’s song “Anticipation.” As I was humming along, she sang the phrase “these are the good ole days” and I had a thought.

This song first aired in 1971 (ahem, the year I was born). My guess is, people older than her, say her parents’ era, were really concerned about the qualities and characteristics of the youth of the day.

There were undoubtedly times when people threw their hands up in the air and shared their woeful cry of “kids these days!”

Fast forward another decade or two and now those youth have become parents and they believe the next generation is lazy, lacking ethic, entitled, etc.

Fast forward yet AGAIN and, yes, we still continue to complain about whatever is lacking in the generation(s) younger than us while romanticizing about the better times back in our day.

I’m pretty sure Mary turned to Joseph and exclaimed “kids these days!” Ok, maybe not the best example with this parental couple but hopefully you get the point this complaint is centuries old.

Perhaps we can all find comfort in understanding this may simply be a rite of passage that all humans encounter. Hopefully we can all agree that one generation is not better than another, they are just different.

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