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Focus on what you can control

When I tell people my business focuses on women and leadership, oftentimes I get questioned about being a “male hater” or “bra-burning feminist.” Um, nope. Blaming and shaming is not my objective or my agenda.

While it is important to understand trends and statistics impacting women’s pay or equality, the “WHY?” is so much harder to grasp. Many factors, from socioeconomics to religious views to education to culture, impact women’s success in the professional arena. Thus, finding a definitive answer that can resolve this issue is elusive and daunting.

Here is how I strive to distinct myself from others doing similar work: what issues (including behaviors, thoughts, definitions, expectations, biases, and assumptions) are getting in our way of making progress? In other words, what is it we women do to get in our own way of success?

By focusing on ourselves, reframing our thoughts, finessing our behaviors, and owning our part of the mess, we can explore various interpretations and identify potential resolutions.

I may not be able to control other people’s actions or thoughts. But I can control my own and maybe, just maybe, start to make a difference in the world around me.

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