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This is Me at 3 Years Old

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

This girl wanted to ride horses and solve mysteries (think Nancy Drew meets Black Beauty). She dreamed of playing the drums and doing the splits – while she didn’t accomplish the first goal, she was a percussionist in high school and learned how to do the splits (then, not now).

This girl in high school worried about the silly stuff like boys, hair styles (ugh, what was up with those 80’s bangs!), boys, dances, clothes, and did I mention boys? She also set ambitious goals and expectations for herself, such as seeking I Ratings at State Vocals all 4 years (made it twice, with one superb Junior year), a 4.0 GPA (the first in school history) and scholarships to college.

She then became a collegiate scholar, working twice as hard as most, holding two or three jobs each semester while paying 95% of her college tuition. (Parents provided a car and insurance, which was a blessing.) She cursed herself for not getting all A’s, was Editor of the school newspaper, received a starring role in the university musical, and earned three different internship opportunities. She was thrilled to be hired mid-semester senior year for her first official career position beginning one week after graduation.

That college gal knew she was going to conquer the world one day. She dated boyfriends who told her to relax, enjoy college and have some fun. Her mom told her she needed to get drunk (once) and be OK with a B grade. But not this girl. She was intense, motivated, and hungry for success.

When this co-ed thought of the world in the mid-90’s, she believed she was fortunate knowing the generation of women before her had grit and courage. Those tenacious women tore down barriers and walls, paving a way for future generation of girls so they didn’t have to be concerned about sexual harassment, equal pay, or other gender disparities in the workplace.

This is me now at 50 plus years old. This woman is disheartened. I realized in my 30’s that those walls still existed because both men and women are still learning how to define roles and share parental, domestic, and professional duties. Now I am the age of those brave women before me, still working to make the world a better place. But I am also hopeful. I understand that while slow, progress is the act of waking up each day, ready to do what is needed to make our world a better place.

I am motivated by the women who will follow behind me, whether they are 5 years old or 25. And I continue to be inspired by those who walked ahead. The invitation to walk beside me is always open – let me know if you are up for the journey. Horses not included.

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