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Why I DO What I DO

I recently celebrated my 3-year Anniversary of being a solopreneur (insert applause here). Perhaps one of my greatest accomplishments I achieved during this time is defining my basic business philosophy. This process didn’t happen overnight, and it took the accumulation of experiences (both good and bad), desires, instinct, wisdom, and observations to realize this illuminating discovery.

Obviously, I want to have a professional career that provides for me and my family financially as well as incorporate my passions, skills, education, and expertise. But this philosophy truly merges all my hopes and values into one.

My philosophy is this:

  • I want to make enough money so that I do not eat dirt when I have lunch. But I never want to work in an environment that polices my lunch hour ever again.

  • I want to wonder as I wander. When I travel for work, I want my journeys to be leisurely, not rushed, so then I can absorb and enjoy new discoveries - even if the journey takes me to another town 90 miles away from mine. For me, stopping on the side of the road to capture a picture is as important as smelling the roses.

  • I want to aid people on their own journey into creating better versions of themselves today than who they were yesterday. These people are whole, healthy, curious, self-aware, courageous, and willing to own their personal accountability. They appreciate information, enlightenment, and enjoyment.

  • I want to surround myself with people who truly desire a better world and they understand the work starts internally. People who share my desire in spreading happiness, enrichment, and support for others to grow and thrive.

  • I want to put my family first and not feel guilty or torn when this attention takes me away from work demands. I’ve spent a half century focused on pleasing others, putting those I care most about farthest down the priority list. This next half will be much different, more efficient and way more rewarding.

This philosophy is built upon the foundation of working smarter, not harder. I hope my thoughts, actions, behaviors, and positive energy are the reason others join me on this journey. I will know I’m successful when my efforts inspire and encourage others.

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